Almost another week has gone by without a peep from me.  Unintentional, but I just didn't manage to find enough time.  It was there, but I'm sure I squandered it away again.  Story of my life.

So, here's what's on my mind. 

1)  I hate Freddy.  A lot. Why?  Well, as I've mentioned before, we recently bought a Wii.  With it, we picked up the Wii Fit, which we've both been enjoying a lot.  (That's "we" as in Ken and I, not Freddy and I, fyi.) We're still having a lot of fun with that and the Wii Sports that comes standard with the console and haven't thought about new games yet.  And then along comes Freddy.  For his birthday, so fucking douche nozzle got him an exercise game off his Amazon wishlist.  Having finished it, he sent it to me to try out. I just completed the first week of the 30 Day Challenge on it and I'm quite surprised to find out what shitty shape I'm in.  I already know my upper body strength is non-existent, but to find out how many unused muscles I have in my lower body was quite sobering.  But I finished the first week and it gave me a gold medal for it, so I must be doing something right.  I'd much rather be sitting laying in bed, watching Dynasty on dvd or reading comics, but that's not going to help me build muscles.  Bah.  I do like the two days on, one day off schedule the game gives me.  Tomorrow is my off day and I'm going to enjoy it.  But Tuesday, the hate is back on!

2)  We had the handy man here all weekend.  We're making great progress in getting the house ready.  The thought of how much it's costing us to do all this is making me a little queasy, but it feels so good being able to cross stuff off the list.  Dmitry got a lot of stuff done this weekend.  So much. Ken played the role of his helper and I didn't do much of anything.  I feel guilty as hell about it, too.  But what I did do was...

3)  Sleep.  This is something that has become pretty foreign to me.  I don't let myself sleep much at all.  I push myself pretty hard and it's finally catching up with me.  Saturday morning I slept in until 10:30.  I found time for a nap in the afternoon for a few hours and I was in bed relatively early and out like a light.  I did get up at the crack of dawn this morning to go walk.  I clocked 105 minutes, which is 9 full laps of the mall.  My previous record was 8 laps and my usual number is 5 laps.  Five laps is usually about an hour.  For some reason, I was able to push myself to do nearly double my usual.  This led to another nap this afternoon.  It feels so good to be well rested.  Tomorrow, though, I need to make up for my non-performance this weekend.  Ugh.

4)  Sunday is my official weigh in day for the week.  Today was my best showing since the first Sunday of August.  I really made a point of watching what I ate all week.  Doing some of the Wii exercises helped, too.  Tomorrow's weigh in is going to suck, though, because we went out to dinner tonight and I ate like the old, 300 lb Walt.  Salad, Bread, Seafood Filled Mushroom Caps, Bread, a sampler platter of Lasagna, Chicken Parm and Chicken Cannelloni, Bread.....  I expect a sharp increase in my number tomorrow, but I'll be back to behaving again.

5)  I know I had something else to say, but it's gone now.  It'll be something for my next post, I'm sure.

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(F)redddy said...

I'm sure the extra exercise from the Sports Active had something to do with the best showing you've had since August. Maybe that and taking your clothes off helped a lot.