Just Another Manic Monday

Today started all fine and dandy. I wasn't too crabby when I got up. I got more sleep this weekend than I'm used to and that's a good thing. And work started off decent enough. But as the day wore on, it wore me down. Everyone needed me, it seemed. "This person is on vacation, so can you do this for me." "I need help with this." "Can you do this for me?" It was all the usual stuff, plus some bonus stuff thrown on for good measure. And just as I was feeling it, the afternoon mail delivery got BURIED me. He gave me what was equal to about three days worth of stuff. I had no intention of staying late tonight (part of my Kick Back On O.T. thing), but there was no way I wanted to walk in tomorrow with my desk looking the way it did. I didn't get everything done I had hoped, but I made enough progress that I'm not going to want to turn around when I get there tomorrow and go home (well, no more than any other day, that is.) But I have the thrill of late morning *and* early afternoon meetings to sit through. I better make sure I get plenty of sleep tonight because I'm going to need to try and stay awake through them both.

Vacation, where are you?

Now I'm off to watch the finale of Charm School and then bed. Whoopie!

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