I've been running on excitement, nervous energy and adrenaline for the past couple of days. Since my last post, actually. The last few days have been all about planning my trip to Austin this summer (forty-four days from now, not that I'm keeping track or anything.) The length of my stay has been settled upon, the plane tickets are booked and my calendar of events is being filled up as we speak. I've done nothing but think about this trip from the second my eyes open in the morning until the second I lose consciousness at night. Last night was particularly bad because I was exhausted, but laid awake with my mind racing for what seemed like days. I honestly can't remember the last time I was this excited for something.

But the adrenaline is finally giving way and I've been feeling myself coming back down to earth. This is not good. I need the rush to get me through one more day first. Then I can crash down to earth and sleep all day Friday. I'm trying to crank out a little extra overtime before the trip. Lube isn't going to by itself, after all.

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(F)redddy said...

You won't need any lube. Like Jed always says, "If it ain't spit, it ain't love".