July 2

Second day of a new month and second post in a row. Who am I? I thought about challenging myself to do another post-a-day months, but I know how I've been lately and I know that I will fail. My days don't seem to have nearly enough time in them to do the things I really need to do. This is something that I want to do, which means it's a lower priority than the need to do things, which means it's not gonna happen. At least I'm honest.

I have managed to surround myself with some pretty amazing friends. I don't know how I did it being the big shut in I am, but I have to say my friends are the best. I went out to lunch with Sean today. We seem to be on a fairly regular, bi-weekly dining schedule as of late. I really need to make the effort to bump up the frequency, though. I love meeting him for lunch. I love talking to him about whatever. I love listening to him. He's smart, he's funny, and most importantly (to an ego-maniac like myself,) he really gets me. I leave our lunches with a lot to think about. He really makes me think, whether he knows it or not, think about myself, my actions, my fears, my desires. Everybody needs a Sean in their life.

1 comment:

Breenlantern said...

Are you whoring me out? I like it.
(covers embarrassment from flattery with humorous comment.)

You know the feeling's mutual,Walt. And I agree, let's step it up...we got a lot of hangin' to do.