I love when Sunday falls right in the middle of a weekend. I don't have that 'I can't believe the weekend is over' feeling right now and that is cause to smile. Tomorrow night at this time I'll have it, but I'll worry about it then, not now.

I don't know how or why, but this was one hell of a difficult week. It started out strong and just turned to absolute shit by the end. Naturally I'm referring to my work week. I think I mentioned the other day that I cranked out the overtime in a big way this week. What drove me was a panic over money. Last week we got our heating bill for December and it was the single biggest heating bill we had ever gotten. And this is for December. We haven't even gotten into the cold months yet. So that put me into a major panic and I made myself work as much as I could until I couldn't stand it. I was anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours early every day and stayed at least an extra hour most nights this week. I have to tell you, by Friday, I felt like I was the walking dead. I was so tired. And the more tired I got, the more everyone was annoying the shit out of me. On Thursday I asked one of the supervisors I like if it was ever appropriate to punch someone in the workplace. I was told it was generally frowned upon, so I kept my hands to myself. :-) But it was starting to feel like I wanted to smack someone. Without getting too specific, at work, I'm support staff. What that means is if someone needs me to do something, I do it. I float around between a few units and help them with whatever they need help with. I'm just a lowly clerk, but I don't care. I love my job and I have a good time with it. This week, though, I spent a HUGE chunk cleaning up the mess of one of my co-workers. He really has no business working here because he's such a fuck up. But this being the State, no one ever gets fired. When they fuck shit up, they get moved. Well, Fucky here is stuck in his current position because he's been every place else already and no one will take him back. Hurrah. He's a higher classification than I am, too. So why is it I'm spending most of my week double checking (and correcting) his fuck ups? It really got to me this week. I made a point of bringing over every single mistake to his supervisor, who has just about had it with him. But because of the way things work where I work, there isn't much she can do. Her hands are tied and I really do feel bad for her because she's one of the nicest people I work with. The more irritated I got this week, the more I noticed who does work and who likes to go smoke. All day. And who likes to consider their work schedule "optional" and just show up whenever. I really do work with a bunch of scumbags. Like I said before, normally it doesn't bother me, but when I wear myself out, it really gets to me. Next week is a new week and I'll be fine again.

You know, if something did go right this week, it was watching the trials and tribulations of FrankenKlinger. She's gotten herself into some serious hot water, and while I know nothing is going to come of it, I've been enjoying watching her being beyond miserable.

I know I had other stuff to say, but my mind is blank right now. I've had a headache all day today and it's just not going away. I think that's a good sign that I should go lay down and watch some bad VH-1.


Sevi said...

Ahhh I was waiting to hear more on FrankenKlinger and you came through. Don't let other asshats get you down. I manage a bunch of lazy, unmotivated asshats including the one I call Choo-Choo who I believe is FrankenKlinger's first cousin. Thank the Gods my boss is also a good friend and we SNARK to the 10th power at lunch.

Walt said...

You know, honestly, FK was the least of my problems last week. She was the high point, actually. :-)

I'm well rested and the retards didn't get under my skin today like they did last week, but the week is still young. I did have two fantastic bitching sessions about them today, though and that made me feel like I'm not alone.