Dead tired. That's how I feel right now. Just exhausted. I know I've been whining about this a lot lately, but it's the truth. I've been overdoing it and by the time the weekend hits, all I want to do is sleep. After my vacation over the holidays, I've made a commitment to myself to crank out as much overtime as possible. And by the middle of each week, I've been telling myself that it's wearing me down and I need to pull back some. But I haven't. And then I sit here Friday night, ready to fall asleep before 9pm. Has it been worth it? Right now the answer is NO. I haven't seen any of that overtime in my check yet. There's a four week (or two pay cycle) lag in overtime, so I haven't seen my reward yet. My next paycheck will be the first one to show the overtime, but that pay period I only worked two days (because of my vacation). Two more weeks until the nice check.

I need to stop whining about this. I'm sure I've beaten that topic to death already. A long time ago.

But it won't stop me from talking about money. Today, for instance, I dropped a few hundred bucks. My tires were getting balder and balder and with all the shitty winter weather we've been having, it was a good idea to replace them now, before I run into trouble. All four of them were getting pretty bald. I knew that the tires weren't going to pass my next inspection, which is due in May. I was going to replace them then, but Ken convinced me now is a much better time to do that. Plus, I'll have fresh new tires for my road trip tomorrow to Jersey. We're going to spend the weekend at Ken's BFF's. Haven't seen Jim in a while and it will be nice to get away for the weekend. Especially because it means two things. 1) IKEA and 2) Converse Outlet. I fell in love with the Converse Outlet when I was in Florida this past summer. We had to buy bigger luggage to get all the new shoes I bought home. Naturally, once I got home, I googled it to see where the closest outlet was. It's about two hours south of here and we have to pass it on the way to Jim's. I'm pretty happy it's that far away, because if it wasn't, I'm afraid I'd be spending my paycheck there every payday. Two of my favorite words in the world are Clearance Converse!

I'm annoyed that I'm still behind on all my blog reading, but I did catch up almost completely on my email. We had a storm two days ago and I left work at noon. I intended on playing online for a little bit and then do something constructive, like clean or read or something. But I ended up spending hours and hours online. I can't be mad at myself because I did get something done.

The day of the storm I decided to be helpful and shovel the driveway and the sidewalk when I got home from work. That was a bad idea. My sciatic nerve had been (mostly) back in check. The last flair up, I thought, was caused by all the shoveling I had done in the middle of December. Well, on Wednesday I got the confirmation that this is true. My nerve started going crazy on me. Not as bad as it did in December, but it hurt. It's two days later and it's still kind of bothersome. I'm hoping it calms itself down. If it doesn't, though, I do have doctor's appointment on Monday and hopefully I can get something to help it out. My appointment is with the PA and he has no problem writing out prescriptions if I need something. We'll see if he's in a helpful mood on Monday.

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