I Don't Like, I Love and I Hate...

I don't like that I've gotten behind on almost every single blog I read. I don't know where my time goes that I'm not current.

I don't like that I've gotten behind on most of my email again. There are two or three emails I really need to write or respond to, but I just haven't. I know this past weekend I was in no mood for socializing, either in person or virtually. That included email. I really needed to be a hermit. I need to catch up this week, at least with the important ones.

I love that this is day two of being in a really good mood. I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Because I know I'm going to be in a shitty ass mood soon. I know me.

I hate that I was up another pound today. I am officially the heaviest I've been all year. I need to see a downturn on the scale soon. I just bought four more pairs of pants and if I outgrow them, there's gonna be trouble.

I love that there was fresh, new drama at work today. I really do enjoy watching these people and their self-created issues. Couldn't happen to a better bunch.

I hate that FrankenKlinger spoke to me for the sake of speaking to me. I know it's bad when she talks to me, because that means she's alienated EVERY SINGLE PERSON she works with... AGAIN.

I love my new iPod. LOVE IT! It's amazing that I drained so little of the battery on this one while the same usage on my old one, I would have drained at least half the battery. Hurrah for a fresh battery.

I hate that Bret Michaels keeps getting rid of all the fun girls on Rock Of Love. I also hate that I got sucked into this season when I swore I wasn't going to watch. I also hate that I'm about to go watch the Real Chance of Love Reunion Special. What's wrong with me?

I love that I might be going to IKEA this weekend. I don't really need anything there, but if we're going to Jersey, I need to go to IKEA.

I hate that boot shopping tonight was another bust. I love that the cute boy at EMS was more than accomodating and went above and beyond the call of duty to try to find me a pair of boots.

I love that I found out my W-2 forms were mailed out at 10am this morning. If I don't have them tomorrow, I'll have them on Wednesday.

I love that there was a new Entertainment Beat with Frances Gumm (JudyCast) today. It has to be a year since the last one.


Sevi said...

Ohh with your Frankenklinger and my Choo-Choo we could write a children's story on how kids should stay in school, avoid the first man that will fuck you and oh yes quit sniffing the damn spray paint in the garage. Ahhh I hear Newberry award for best children's book.

Breenlantern said...

I looooovvvvvvvvvveeeee Ikea. Their catalog is like porn to me...take me with you!!!!!!!!!!!

Nessa said...

I watched both Rock of love and the Real/Chance Reunion last night. I can't believe Bret sent the drunk home! UGH! and that Reunion show was a disaster. WTF Milf not showing up. I thought Cornfed looked pretty.

I love Money nexy Monday haha!