It's the first day of the year and it's customary to make a list of resolutions for the coming year. It's also customary to toss them all to the side of the road by the fifth day of the year, so I don't bother doing it. Sure, there are plenty of things I really want to work on this year, but it's no different than wanting to work on them last month or even last year. Why pick January 1 to make a list of things you want to work on? Well, with that being said, here's my list of things I'm working on for myself, not necessarily beginning today. I want to continue watching my weight. I'm in my goal range and I want to stay there. I want to work on keeping my house in a somewhat cleanish state. All the clutter and all the mess is getting to me. I know this means more about working on Ken than anything, because as I've stated before, he has an uncanny knack of trashing the entire house within seconds of getting home. Already I know I'm struggling because the other day I finally got around to cleaning off my desk and already I've got a new pile of stuff started. I want to work on staying in touch with people better than I do now. I'm not doing horribly, but there's lots of room for improvement. I want to work on making a decent first impression. Sean, you're going to be my first test! Basically, I guess, I want to continue working on making myself a better man. It's an ongoing struggle, but it's one I can definitely make progress on.

Okay, I know I freaked out a bunch earlier this week about my holiday weight. Well, this is a photo from when I stepped on the scale first thing this morning. It's my starting weight for 2009. I have to say I was shocked and very pleased. It's going to be a hard number to strive to stick to, but I'm game for it.


wcs said...

Congratulations on 188.8! I've now got to work on the minor holiday weight I gained since T-day. For me, it just means cutting down on the food and wine.

And I agree 100% about making resolutions. I don't do it, either. Bah! Humbug!

Breenlantern said...

My resolution was to be some guy's first time: I'm glad it's going to be with you!