Okay, one last thing to say.

Last week I got a comment on my DIY project post.  It was someone I don't know and it could have been spam, but if it was, it was the kindest, nicest piece of spam I've ever gotten.  LOL.  Here it is:

Hey! Follower of your site, and know that you're a huge Doctor Who fan. Just wanted to share an infographic that my team and I made- not trying to be spammy, and please delete the comment if you're not comfortable with it! Also loved your post on biological family-- I'm from a small family, so extended family is an odd concept for me as well. 

See what I mean.  As far as spam goes, it was lovely.  She included a link to the infographic in her comment and it's pretty freaking neat.  So I'm linking it here.  As she pointed out, I love all things Doctor Who and I'm getting so excited for the 50th anniversary special coming in a few short months, as well as the next Doctor coming at Christmas.

Thanks, Sophia, for pointing me towards the graphic you and your team made!!

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