1982 (Bonus)

Speaking of 1982, DC Comics recently re-issued the trade paperback for the maxi-series Camelot 3000.  The series debuted in December 1982, and though it was intended as a 12 issue monthly series, it didn't finish up it's run until sometime in 1985 (oops!)  

It's been years since I read the book.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read it monthly (or so) when it was first published because I didn't have access to a comic book store.  I do recall sometime in 1983 my folks stopped at a shop after visiting with my uncle.  They had the current issue of the series, which I think was #4 or #5 and I grabbed it.  I must have read that thing 100 times.  It wasn't until much later when I finally had regular access to a shop that I was able to read the whole series.

Knowing that the book was from the early 80s and that Mike Barr was the author, I went into this revisitation a bit wary.  That soon passed as I realized I was up way past my bedtime on Sunday reading and enjoying.  Thoroughly enjoying.  It really holds up so much better than I thought it was going to.  As I left it last night, I have the last two issues to finish and I intend on climbing into bed and doing just that as soon as I hit the PUBLISH button on this post.

I'm so happy this book turned out to be as good as it is.  A lot of times I'll go back and re-read something from back in the day, something I adored, only to find out that it was definitely something from it's time and only it's time.  This book has aged, but it's aged well.  I highly recommend it.

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