Apparently, I'm a very bad person. At least, that's what I gathered today from a bitch fight I found myself in on Facebook. Ken and I refinanced our mortgage and had our closing yesterday. The entire process didn't go nearly as smoothly as we were promised and we ended up with nothing but trouble every single step of the way. I tried to hold back my feelings during all of this, but even this morning, I was still raging at the treatment we received from the lender. So I posted a bitter comment about it on my Facebook page. Someone who I wasn't directing my anger at jumped in and started demanding I take down my status update, that this was slander, how dare I attack him/her, etc etc etc. Trying to explain my feelings in simple basic English only seemed to make matters worse. I find it very amusing that this one employee whom I didn't have an issue with was making my point crystal clear about the lack of customer service this lender has. It was pointed out by a few, both in the thread and by personal message, that this behavior couldn't have been more unprofessional. So, yes, I admit that directing my anger at one person towards an entire company was misplaced (one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl!), it was nice to see someone whom my anger was not (initially) pointed at jump in and assume I meant him/her.  

There was a reason I've pulled back from internetting lately.  Perhaps this was a sign that I need to do that again.

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