Belated NYCC Pictures

I promised pictures from the New York Comic Con, but I didn't get a chance to post them the night after my last post, as planned.  So without further ado...

 Hawkman.  This Hawkman, however, could stand to have a cheeseburger or two.

 Me & Oscar the Grouch

 Blair from Road Rules.  He's dreamy.

 I have to admit, I stole this picture from another website.  My friend Todd spotted him at one point and told me about it, but I never actually saw this Luke Cage at the con.  He looks fantastic.

 Some of the toys I bought at the show.  I was on the prowl for bargains and I found 'em.

 Another bargain.

 While technically not something from the convention, my friend George gave this to me while I was in NYC.  It was supposed to be my wedding present, but since the wedding was postponed, he wanted to give it to me now.  It's an original Fred Hembeck re-creation of the New Teen Titans #1 cover.  I'm in love with it.

 More bargains to be had.

 Not bargains, but toys I didn't even knew existed.  And I love them.  Doctor Who figures in the Mego scale!!

 My new Super Friends shirt.

 New drinking glasses.

 My new Red Lantern hoodie. 

 I got to meet up with my old friend Chris (see previous post).  I miss him.  

 Wonder Woman!

 The crowd as it was starting to wind down on Saturday.

 More winding down of the crowd, with an overview of the DC Booth.

 More winding down.

 And a little more winding down.

 This Legion set went on sale last Monday and sold out instantly.  I want!

 Aquaman & Mera.

 Nightwing and Supergirl.

 Spider-Man's worst nightmare.

 Jean Grey.


 This guy's Plastic Man costume was PERFECTION!


 Jack Knight

 Black Canary and Green Arrow

 Poison Ivy vs. Batgirl

 Batgirl & The Riddler

 The Sensational She-Hulk 

 The Black Orchid costume was probably my favorite costume from the con.  Hands down. 

 Mr. T

 More of me & Radtke

 I didn't notice until later, but this asswipe walked right into my picture of Dazzler.  She was fucking fantastic!

 The Watchmen

 The Huntress 

 George in the Batmobile


 Plastic Man again.

 Power Girl

 A Yellow & a Red Lantern

 Bad news for Batman

 Killer Moth

The X-Men and a Yellow Lantern?

I didn't go to the con with the intention of taking all these pictures, but I'm sure glad I did.  I should have taken more while I was there.  There were so many great costumes.  People really embraced the spirit of the convention and it made the show such a great experience.  Next year, I'm planning on taking twice the pictures.