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I've been burning the candle at both ends again, it seems. Little time for much of anything. This weekend is promising to be more on the quiet side than the last couple.

Last weekend my friends George and Steve were up from NYC. Steve was conducting a workshop in Syracuse on Sunday and thought it might be nice to make a weekend of it. They arrived on Saturday morning and we spent the day hanging out. It's only the second time they've been here since we moved, though I was sure it was their fourth or fifth. I was wrong. We spent a while just hanging out at home, which turned out to be a bit of a tragedy. George and I were in my office in the basement geeking out while Steve and Ken were upstairs talking about vacations. At one point Ken got up and somehow caught his foot on the coffee table. He was pretty sure he broke a toe. There's not much they can do for a broken toe, so he sucked it up and we went on with our day. The next morning, when the foot wasn't feeling any better (worse actually), he went to the doctor only to find out he broke his foot in two places. They wrapped him up and sent him home, telling him to go to the real doctor on Monday. (He went to urgent care.) He was going to blow off the doctor's appointment on Monday, but I convinced him to go. And it's a good thing he did, because he found out the he didn't break it in two places, it was actually three. He's doing much better now, but he still hurts.

The weekend before last we had plans to host a game night at our house. We have a regular group of friends we do game night with, but it's hard to get together too often. One of the couples has two small kids, which makes it hard. And we all live pretty far apart now. We live furthest away from the couple with kids and that's probably an hour and a half. When we do get together, it's usually at the friends' house in between. But we got to host for the first time, which was great. It's been probably two years since all our schedules allowed us to get together for this. And earlier that day, my old friend Marla stopped by the house. I haven't seen her in probably two years. She lives outside NYC. The night before she texted me asking if I was going to be around. She was going to be in the area and wanted to stop by.

So the last two weekends have been full of good friends, socialization and over eating. This weekend is going to be much quieter. The only plan on hand is to try to firm up wedding plans. We've got a basic idea of what and when, but no specific details other than a date.

An update to my gardening post a couple weeks ago. All my plants are doing extremely well. They all seem very happy in the garden. I was worried because of the amount of rock in the soil, but it doesn't seem to be effecting them. The only issue I'm having is my Euonymous is being eaten by something. I think the rabbits that live in the forever wild area are stopping by and treating it as an all-you-can-eat buffet. The plant is still happy, just being eaten. I need to get something to keep the rabbits away. I'm sure they make something for that.

Today was the second of three visits to the endodontist for my root canal. Last week was the removal of the roots. Today he cleaned out the tooth and then next week he seals it up. I don't know how it was possible, but he numbed me up even more than he did last week (and last week's numbing was the strongest I'd ever had.) My face felt like Mary Jo Buttafuoco's must feel. I like that I was left alone in the office a couple of times during today's procedure. I got to snap a couple of pictures. I know I could have done it with him in the room, but it felt better doing it while I was alone.

The novacaine is taking effect.

Now I'm numb. Bring on the drilling!

Say "ahhhh"

The other day I was at work and a thought hit me. I realized I wasn't feeling anything in my mouth. The pain that I'd come to accept as a normal mouth feeling was suddenly gone. I've been living with this stupid dental pain for too long. It really kind of pisses me off that I don't do a better job of taking care of myself. Once I'm finished with this root canal and crown, I need to see how much of a dental benefit I still have left with my insurance. I'm hoping there's still enough left to get the second root canal I'm in desperate need of. That tooth has been hurting a lot longer than the one I'm having worked on now, though not as extreme. I'm anxious to see how my mouth is going to feel once that pain is gone. It's been hurting for so long and I'm so used to it, I probably have no idea how much it's been bothering me. Does that make sense?

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