I Know You Don't Give A Shit....

...but here's my weekend update. 

I know I often comment that by Sunday night I'm exhausted, but this Sunday night, I feel even more so than usual.  While the weekend wasn't jam packed with stuff, I kept pretty damn busy and it's taken the life out of me.  I was very excited to see that we had nothing on the agenda for the weekend.  I love those weekends where there's nothing but time to enjoy.  

Saturday started like most Saturdays.  I forgot to lock the cats out of the bedroom and Ollie started trying to wake me up starting at seven.  I usually get up at 5:30 during the week, so he's used to eating breakfast before six.  When six passes, he starts to worry.  So I got up relatively early and fed the cats and signed on to the computer for a short bit until Ken woke up.  We started talking about how beautiful a day it was already and decided that it would be a shame not to get out and do something.  Anything.  So we headed out.  We were thinking about going to this one restaurant for dinner, but decided to hit it up for lunch instead.  We trekked to Schenectady (ugh) only to find that they don't do lunch on Saturdays.  Plan two was to go for burritos across the street, which to be honest, I was much happier with.  The place we went to, Bombers, makes these ginormous burritos.  And me being the freakshow that I am instantly started regretting the meal once it settled in my stomach.  It was amazing, though.  Amazing.  So my neuroses drove me to the gym later that afternoon.  

After lunch we went and started to look at wedding rings.  Since we're planning on making it legal in the coming months, we need to get the ball rolling.  We only hit one place and they were kind of busy and it was hard to get to the case with the rings, so we scrapped it.  Next stop was a nursery.  We've been in the house over a year now and have still done nothing in the way of landscaping.  That's Ken's department and something I don't care too much about.  I do like to have nice flowers and plants, but I don't know one from another, nor do I care.  But we stopped because I was sick of having nothing.  I wanted to plant something.  I ended up with a bunch of succulents.  I really like them and I think they look nice.  

When we got home, I hit the gym and got home to shower and hit the diner.  This was not an eat at home weekend.  Saturday night I finished up watching my Planet of the Apes box set.  Friday night I watched the last two movies and Saturday I watched the documentary bonus disc.  I loved this series growing up.  I haven't watched them since I was a small boy.  I remembered parts of the first, third and fifth movie and really didn't remember much of the second and none of the fourth.  It was great fun watching them over the last few weekends.  Next up is Dynasty Season 5.  It was released on Tuesday and arrived in the mail on Saturday!

Today was much busier than yesterday.  The feline alarm clock got me up at the crack of dawn again.  Fed the cats, hit the gym and got home to find Ken sitting out back.  I mentioned to him that I saw the nursery delivered the trees he bought last week and he was surprised by this.  He never heard the delivery truck drop them off.  I assumed he was awake and sitting out back because of that.  He bought four new trees to landscape with.  One to replace a tree that had died and three others to border our property line.  After a stop at Lowe's and Home Depot, I did the grocery shopping and got home in time to help him plant the one tree.  It took quite a while, but we got it in and it looks great.  Next up was to plant the plants I bought yesterday.  The stops I made at the hardware stores was for stone.  I decided that rather than mulch, stone would look much better with the succulents.  Ken was opposed to it at first, but he really likes the way it turned out and is now contemplating doing this in another area.  I need one more bag of stone to finish up the garden.  I thought I had enough, but I was just a bit short.  Looking over the garden once it was finished, I'm sure I planted some of the plants a little too close together.  I can always move them next  year if that's the case, though.  I hope they survive where I planted them.  There was considerable stone in the ground.  I'm optimistic, though.

Sitting in the sun all afternoon really sucked the life out of me.  I bought burgers and stuff to grill for dinner, but neither of us had any energy to cook, so we went out again.  I'm still feeling really full, which is good, but I want ice cream, which is bad.

Oh, I totally forgot.  On Saturday, while at they gym, I did the stationary bike.  I like the bike because I can exercise AND play with my iPhone at the same time.  I checked Grindr and this 24 year old kid messages me.  He wanted to blow my in the worst kind of way.  I'm so bad at flirty chat.  I should have kept him talking longer, but I didn't.  He sent me a pic of his shaved belly and pubes, but no doinger shot.  If I was a better flirter, I could have gotten one, I'm sure.  The whole time we were chatting, I kept wondering what the fuck was wrong with this kid that we wants to get in MY pants?  I'm old enough to be his dad.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice busy weekend. Can't wait to see the new succulent garden.

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Melanie said...

The new greenery sounds gorgeous, but I hear you on the heat thing. As for the kid, you've got those gorgeous blue eyes, hon -- they obviously entranced him.