So I think I just hurt myself. The contractors will be here in the morning to start our ceiling project, so the rest of the first floor had to be emptied tonight. We got most of the house cleaned out over the weekend, but we left the essentials in the living room until the last moment. The essentials being the sofa for Ken, the chair for me and the television. In the kitchen we left the island (only because the place it's going is in the mud room where the cat boxes are and I don't want to freak the cats out any more than they are.) Not too much to move, right? Right. Only, our tv must weigh over 100 pounds. It's an enormous monster. Not a thin, hang on the wall type, but a monster box. All the moving of stuff this weekend has caused my sciatic nerve to have a little flair up, but nothing too major. I'm afraid moving the tv may have caused more damage than I thought it would. I hurt right now. Not bad, but enough. I'm hoping and praying that just taking it easy the next day or so will be all I need for it to calm down. It seemed to work yesterday when I took it easy all day long. That's my goal for tomorrow.

I'm staring to think I have an unnatural obsession with Target. All weekend, I kept thinking "I need to go to Target" even though there wasn't anything I needed. Sunday I decided I had to go and I thought up a bullshit item or two to get to make the trip worthwhile. I managed to get out only spending $20. How I got past security spending less than $100 is beyond me. Sunday night I decided I need to paint my toenails (why not) but I didn't have polish (why would I?). So that meant another Target run on Monday. This time I went to the next closest to my house. You know, to mix it up a little. While I was shopping around, I found the most fabulous thing ever. Rosey, the recently retired, most beloved supervisor I work(ed) with. It was so good seeing her. I miss her so much! Anyway, after a little chitter chat, I continued shopping and got out of the store spending only $30. Half way home it dawned on me I didn't get my nail polish. So off to the third Target in my area for $20 in stuff I don't need. I love Target. My favorite purchase of the weekend was a pair of underpants with the Batman symbol all over them. The undies came in a collectible Jim Lee drawn tin which I intended on keeping my checkbook, credit cards and the like in. Yay me!

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Dyl said...

Hope your back improves quickly. x

We don't have Target in blighty so not sure what they do; but new undies is a good idea, I need some new ones; usually i go to TK-Max.