I don't want to let this go for another week or so without doing anything with it. I know me and I know that if I don't push myself, it's going to happen again.

It's Thursday and I can tell it's Thursday just by the way I feel. I'm wiped out. I stayed up too late last night watching trash tv (Real World/Road Rules Challenge) and didn't get enough sleep before the alarm went off at 5:15. Add to that the constant battle between Ollie and Lucy last night and I'm a little more tired than usual. Ollie always sleeps in the bed with us. Every night. It's rare when he's not there. Lucy likes to sleep there, too, though only occasionally. Last night she wanted to sleep with me and she did. But then Ollie gets all douchey and attacks her until she leaves. This happened at least three seperate times that I can remember last night. Lucy runs away and then comes back a little while later, falls asleep, Ollie pulls a douche bag move and she's gone again. This wouldn't be so bad, but Lucy curls right up next to me or on top of me, so when Ollie attacks, the fight takes place right on top of me. Hurrah.

The last week or so, I've been thinking about some friends I used to hang out with back in the early 90s. They up and moved away back in 94, I believe and we've, for the most part, lost touch over the years. It happens. Anyway, I've been thinking about them and wondering where they are now. It never occured to me until last night to look on Facebook for them. I spend hours on the stupid site, I don't know why I never thought of it. And sure enough, a quick search turned up three of them. I like how easy Facebook has made it to reconnect with people. Much better than myspace. Speaking of which, I should just cancel that account. I never go there anymore (except to one musician's page) and generally don't like it. But cancelling would require me going there in the first place. I'm lazy.

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and I've got plans to hit the local shop with my friend Sean. I was torn, though, because my friend Todd is going to be signing at another store a short drive away and I want to go see him. Luckily, it looks like I'll be able to do both. Sean's got plans for early Saturday afternoon and Todd is going to be signing until mid afternoon. I'm pretty excited about it. Todd is one of my best friends in the entire world and has been for years. We just never seem to find the time to see each other, though, and that pisses me off. Mostly because I'm so lazy and don't make the effort. I really need to work on that. Seriously.

Survivor is coming on shortly. My Thursday night routine is about to start. My friend Sharon will call me in about 15 minutes, we'll talk until Survivor comes on and then talk during the commercial breaks. Then I'm off to bed after because I'm so beat.

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