Weekend Round Up

I've got today off and I keep telling myself that just because I do doesn't mean I need to spend it sitting on the computer. So I play for a little while, then go do something like clean the bathroom, then I gravitate right back, thinking of something else I want to do. This time it's a blog entry. So let's get on with it and then maybe I'll go do some laundry. Or maybe not.

I had one of the better weekends I've had in a while. All winter long, most of my weekends have consisted of sitting around the house, not that I'm complaining about it. That's just how it. I find that we tend to do much less in the winter. I'm still in that mindset right now and I need to break myself of it. Saturday started out rather odd. Right around 8am the doorbell rang. I didn't hear it, but Ken did and he decided to ignore it. Then it rang again. This time I heard it and I, too, decided to ignore it. Who the hell shows up at your house at 8am on a Saturday unannounced? After the second ring went unanswered, we heard pounding on the front door. WTF? So Ken gets up and goes down to answer it. About a minute after he went downstairs, he runs back upstairs yelling "get dressed! Carmelina needs us!" Carmelina is our next door neighbor. The other night two firetrucks, a police car and an ambulance ended up in front of our house because something happened to her. She was taken out by ambulance and we still have no idea why. Anyway, she ends up at our doorstep being very incoherent. She's originally from Italy and her English is very hard to understand, even though she's been here more than half her life. She was having trouble walking and was making no sense whatsoever. Ken asked her if she needed a doctor and she said no. We started walking her home when he son came out to get her. All he said was that she was crazy and took her home. She's clearly in the process of losing her mind. I haven't seen her since last fall and she's a different person now. How she managed to get out and over to our house without being noticed BY THE HOUSE FULL OF FAMILY is a mystery to me. At the rate she can walk, it took her a while to get from there to here and then she had to wait for us to answer the door. Welcome to Saturday!

Saturday morning Ken said "Let's go out and look at houses." I wasn't in the mood, but agreed. We want to sell this place next year and move into something a little more modern. Our house is about 80 years old. We'd love something brand new or just a couple of years old, tops. We were too early to go looking in this one development we wanted to check out, but the one across the street was open. The model home we toured was amazing and overwhelming. It was nearly 4000 sq ft. How the hell does someone live in that much room? It was awesome, but even I thought it was waaaay too big. By the time we finished there, the place we wanted to look at was open. Finding a new home is going to be hard because I'm quickly discovering what Ken likes, I don't and what I like, Ken doesn't. We haven't seen anything yet that pleases both of us. We will, sooner or later, but we're still looking.

I tried napping on Saturday afternoon, but Ollie, my needy, needy, needy boy cat made that pretty impossible. His comfort comes first, or so he insists.

Saturday night Ken and I had a double date with my friend Sean and his partner, Jeffrey. This is the first time I met Jeffrey and really the first time Ken's met either. He and Sean met briefly last Sunday just before Sean & I went to the comic convention. We headed over to their house and then out to dinner at one of their favorite places. My biggest dilemma was just how good to be at dinner. I wanted a burger in the worst way, but I had my weigh in Sunday morning and I didn't want to order something that I was going to later regret. So I got a chef's salad and I was quite pleased with myself.

Anyway, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a freak when it comes to interacting with new people. I was really getting nervous about meeting Jeffrey. I really had no idea what he was going to be like. Sure, Sean's talked about him, but hearing about him and meeting him are two totally different things. My nervous energy only lasted a very brief time upon getting to their house. Jeffrey is a doll. He's so damn laid back. I don't think I was expecting that.

So the four of us spent the entire night talking about this or that, fun things (comics) and the dullest (cars) and everything else that in between. We were talking about all the places we've lived at one point and I got freaked out by something Sean said. He mentioned one of the places he lived. It happened to be one of the places that Ken and I lived. An apartment complex. If that's not freaky enough, his address was three or four builiding away from our building, a walk of about 45 seconds apart. And if that's not freaky enough, Ken asked "Did you have a rainbow decal in your window?" They did. We were neighbors. Add to that the fact that I believe Sean and I worked in the same plaza at the same time.... We've been unknowingly crossing paths for years.

We had a great time Saturday night. I was up way past my bedtime, too. I let myself sleep in a little later than usual on Sunday before getting up to go walking and grocery shopping.

Last night Ken decided he wanted to show me a special he dvr'd on CNBC about the cruise industry. It was kind of a behind the scenes of the cruise industry thing. It was filmed aboard the same ship we're going to be sailing in at the end of the year. I have to tell you, I wish Ken never showed it to me. If this is what going on a cruise is all about, I have no interest anymore. He's been nagging me to watch it for weeks and now he's regretting it. Please, people who have taken cruises before, please please please tell me cruises are actually fun. Please tell me they aren't all about cheesy Broadway type reviews, ugly middle aged people in discos and over crowded beach excursions. Because that's what I got out of this show. I already told Ken that if that's what it's all about, I'm splitting my time between the room and a deck chair away from people.

Now it's time to go load the dryer and then I'll find another excuse to get back online. Just watch.


Breenlantern said...

I'm still glowing from the weekend and can't wait to do it again. I wonder where and when else we've crossed paths and no known it...have we dated?

Kevin in Danbury said...


Thats why the hubby and I just booked ourselves on 3 of them in september 14 luxurious days away!

Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

We really liked the cruise we took on Norwegian Cruise Lines around Hawaii. And there was a wide mix of people from couples with toddlers to the wheelchair-bound. The on-board entertainment varied between the cheesy wedding-DJ games & events to really good small-time comedians & performers.

I'm not terribly fond of CNBC or the too-peppy Travel Channel specials, but we have the web now, go google some reviews.

It also wouldn't hurt to grab a travel guide out of the library on the region you're going to or a book on the cruise line.

Most of the cruise lines have a private or semi-private (shared with another line or resort) beach at one or more stops.

And pack a small surge protector or power splitter for iPhones & other electronics. All the cabins on our ship had one standard socket in the bathroom & one near the desk.