Comic Con!!

Yes! This weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, but that's not the con I'm referring to. Today was also the first Albany Comic Con of the year. This was the third since they started doing them here again, but the first that I was aware of. My good friend Sean mentioned it to me and so we decided to make an afternoon of it. Albany is a very small market and I wasn't expecting too much. The last time I went to a show in Albany was maybe 15 years ago and it was a small room with a couple of dealers and one or two guests. While the show itself was pretty small in scope, it was bigger than I expected. There were quite a few dealers and more than a few pros. Joe Sinnott, Ron Marz, Fred Hembeck, Joe Staton, Herb Trimpe, Ramona Fradon, to name a few. I believe John Cassady was there, too, or at least someone who looked just like him, but he was sitting and drawing (and texting) at one of the dealer's tables.

John Cassady (or an incredible likeness) texting

I made my way down to Artist's Alley before I did anything to say "hi" to some of the guys I used to know. Back in the day, I worked at a comic book store and Fred Hembeck and Joe Staton were regulars. So was Ron Marz, but he wasn't a comic writer back then. I had Fred sign my copy of the Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus and spent most of my time talking with him.
The Bill and Walt referenced in the autograph are both me.

If my aim was better, this would be a picture of Fred and I

Then it was time to go shopping. It was kind of hard to shop considering the crowd. You had to fight your way in for a spot at the various dealers tables. Being the passive person I am, if I found an in, I would take it, but otherwise I would walk around and people watch. I eventually made my way through everyone's tables, it just took a while. I brought my list of things I was looking for since I never finished uploading it to my iPhone. It was funny to see how many people had their phones out, cross referencing their want lists with the boxes of books.

I didn't spend too much money, but I got more than I counted on. My awesome find of the day was the Golden Age Atom action figure set. Not only did I find it, but I found it for $4. There's nothing I like more than a bargain. I also picked up the first two volumes of The Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Master Edition, Tarzan #208 (still working on my list of every DC Comic from 1972) and World's Finest #250 (a book I used to own and have been anxious to replace for a number of years).

My loot

I was hoping to find more toys, t-shirts and trade paperbacks, but was pretty happy with the overall selection.

Kid Flash

A Storm Trooper

This was the best shot I was able to get of Black Canary and Poison Ivy


Sean, shopping

Dealer's Room

Dealer's Room

My dilemma was whether or not to wear a comic themed t-shirt, answered with my choice of fancy footwear instead

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