Sunday Nattering

1) I wasn't happy on the scale today. I was 196, the same as I was the first morning I was home from vacation. I was hoping for 195 or even 194. I better see some results this coming week.

2) I did something. Something that is very, very out of character for me. I did something spontaneous. (Well, spontaneous for me.) You see, Ken's been on my back for the last few weeks about getting rid of my cell phone. I have a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go plan and I've been very happy with it. I only have to add $20 every three months to it to keep the service going (more if I use the time up before the three months.) Lately, I've been going through a lot more than that. I think I went through $60 or $70 last month alone. How I don't know. I generally don't speak on the phone if I can help it. But I've been racking up the bills. And Ken keeps giving me his opinion. Anyway, last week while on vacation, I got to spend the day with Michael & Kevin. We went to lunch and they had an errand to run, so we went along. Kevin was getting a new iPhone. I got to play with the demo model and I liked it. Less than 12 hours after getting home from Florida, we were at the Apple store and I bought myself a shiny new toy. Like I said, this is very out of character for me. Something like this I need to desire secretly for months before I mention it to Ken. Then he gets all gung-ho and says we need to go get one and I say "no" repeatedly. Then another month or two goes buy and I decide it's okay to do it. I'm a thinker. I need to think, think and then think some more until it's been so overthunk that it's crazy. But not this time. As soon as my transaction was finished, I made Ken walk me out into the mall to find a seat because I was having a reaction to my purchase.

So far I love it. I can't get my regular email to work through it yet, for some reason, but a quick trip to the Apple Store should fix that problem.

What applications do I need to have? I've downloaded a bunch of them already, but I know I'm missing tons.

3) I spent today getting all caught up on tv I missed while on vacation. I have to say that I really like the revamped Top Design. I wasn't going to watch, but I dvr'd it anyway. I got the first two episodes and was pleasantly surprised. I panicked when I saw the dvr didn't record I Love Money from last week, but then I found out that it wasn't on. And I remembered to watch the sneak peek of it this afternoon. I'm all caught up on that. And while looking through my Entertainment Weekly yesterday, I saw a review of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Wha...? I had no idea there was a new one already. I love MTV because they repeat it four hundred and nine times during the week. So I taped that and loved it. New format this year should prove interesting. I deleted all the Big Brothers I recorded. I kept up on what was going on in the house via the internet. No need to watch those now. I set the dvr for Fattest Loser, which starts on Tuesday. The only way to watch that show is at fast forward. I can't sit through two hours of it each week, when there is only about 20 minutes of content worth watching.

4) I added a "Following" thingie to the sidebar on this page. If you feel so inclined, add yourself to it. It's fun.


erik98122 said...

Yay! New toys are fun! I just got the ipod touch (I fucking hate phones but wanted to be one of the cool kids..so I went with that instead of the Iphone)and the apps are freaking amazing. I'm loving Spore, Monkey Ball and the Pandora apps. I lost most of my weekend playing around with that damn thing.

Anonymous said...


here are the apps I currently have on my iphone:

Weather Bug
Mobile News
Who's Here
DigiClock 24
Take Me to My Car
German Phrasebook
Spanish Phrasebook

Am I addicted much? :-)