I'm Falling Behind....

I don't know where the time is going, but since vacation ended, I don't seem to be able to find enough time to do everything I need and/or want to. This is the second consecutive weekend where I've run out of time. I don't like it. I need a day of beauty and I need one now!!

I've got more chores I need to take care of, but before I do that, if you're reading this and I had your phone number in my phone, would you mind dropping me a quick email with your contact info again. I had to bring Oracle, my iPhone, back to the Apple store. My phone got super hot while talking on it today and I know that's not normal. I have a brand spanking new iPhone (suck on that, Eric. Now MINE is the newest again) but it doesn't have any contacts in it. Here we go again. So anyone sending me a text message, I'm not going to know who you are right away.

Alright, more chores before bedtime!

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Fairy Princess Holly said...

I can't believe those bastards at Apple didn't transfer over your contacts for you!