Everyone In Dallas Loves Me

I'm back from my vacation in the Orlandos. I had the best time I've ever had there, even though it was also the most exhausting. Here are some pictures from the vacation. This set features the group of lovely people that I had the privilege to hang out with.

Me & Ryan hanging out at the Mexican Pavilion at EPCOT.

The Superbee and his new toy. (More on that in another blog post.)

At lunch with the fabulous Michael & Kevin.

Thursday night at Sleuth's with the cast and the gang.

Me with Ryan & Scott

Ryan & I at the Moroccan Pavilion.

Me, Nick Carter and Ryan


Ryan, Me & a Great Big Ball

I think Taylor has a little bit of peanut butter on his ear.

Babaloo, Taylor & I.

Ricky & Me

Me, Michael, Comic Boy, Eric & Kevin on the Monorail

Me, Eric, Michael & Kevin

I'm enjoying a snack

Boys walking.

The Superbee didn't want to get his new perm wet

Jason, Ryan, Kevin, Me & Taylor

Me, Taylor (with another peanut butter covered ear) & Eric

Eric, Comic Boy & I on the Monorail


Sober Girl said...

These are absolutely fantabulous pictures. Looks like you had a fantastic time!!!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! :) Yay for you!

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I miss you!!! Come back and visit really soon!!! PS - Babaloo couldn't remember Ken's name ago - he kept calling him Nana :)

Nessa said...

Yay for the pictures! I am so glad you had a good time! But youre moving to California, not Florida!

Melanie said...

What is it with all those peanut-butter-covered ears?

stevieDisme said...

walt, when are you coming to visit chicago? :o)

Southern Boy said...

Aww, those were wonderful pics!