Last Chance Post

It's 6am. I've been up for an hour now. I've been out of bed for a half hour. I don't know why. The alarm is set for 7am. I got up extra early yesterday and I should be tired enough to still be asleep. But I'm not. So instead I'm surfing the internet and listening to podcasts. I'm on my third one already, with three more to go. I'm probably going to be done with them by the time I get to work.

Vacation starts officially today at 12:01pm. I was supposed to work the full day today, but with the hurricane situation currently going on down south, we had to reschedule our flight to Florida. I'm very excited to get away. But you want to hear something odd? This vacation seems very last minute/spur of the moment, even though it was planned months ago. I figured out why. Last weekend was my trip to NYC, meeting a bunch of people. I put all my socially awkward attention on that trip and refused to think of Florida until after NYC passed. And now that NYC is over, my attention is on this vacation and it's like it's brand new. I've been running around nutso trying to get ready to go. And my nerves are back on again. I'm going to be meeting a bunch of people I already know, at least through the internet. I'm going to be seeing Michael again, whom I met in person last year. Even though I knew him online for the better part of a decade (if not longer), I was a wreck meeting him. Honestly, my social awkwardness came out stronger meeting him than with just about anyone. I should be better around him now. I'll be meeting Kevin, Ryan, Ricky, Taylor, Jason, Sean and their respective partners for the first time. I seem to do better in bigger groups than I do one on one, though And I'll be seeing Eric and his boy again, too. This will be fun, once I allow the nerves to go.

I don't know how active the blog is going to be while on vacation. We'll have the laptop, but I don't know if I'm going to be using it much.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Have FUN! You deserve it! And don't worry about your nerves. Speaking from first hand experience, they don't really show. You'll be great! :) Now, get out there and take Disney by storm! (and look for a Mary Poppins umbrella....if you happen to get a chance!) ;)

Nessa said...

Walt, you are charming and a sweetheart, you will do great! Give everyone a squeeze for me and most important, have a great time! Take lots of pictures or have ken make another fab video :)

Love ya!

(F)redddy said...

Have the best of times my love. I expect to see some pictures of a tan line when you get back. Oh, and please remind Ricky I was the first person to meet all the WMBYS!!!

Melanie said...

Pumpkin, you're going to have a splendid time. As for the public swimming, wear a t-shirt if you're really uncomfortable -- it's probably a good idea anyway unless you have an SPF 6000 cream (I've seen you, hon -- you're WHITE).