119 Green Arrow Vol 8: The Night Birds

For some reason, this book was on back order from my comic distributor for a long time.  But I finally got it.  It's a little jarring reading it out of order, but I quickly got my bearings.  

I love everything Benjamin Percy has been doing with Green Arrow.  DC did good giving him this book.  He gets the character, he turns in solid stories and he digs a little bit into DC lore to do it.  It was kind of cool for him to revive Tarantula for this story.  She hasn't been seen, as far as I know, in the New 52 before this.  I've always had a soft spot for her, even though I don't think DC did good by her.  I hope she'll be back again after this volume.

This story is all about death cults, death drones and a rescued wolf.  It's kind of cool and I recommend it to everyone!

Green Arrow Vol 8: The Night Birds
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Patrick Zircher, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Federico Dallocchio
DC Comics

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