Didn't really find the time this week to sit down and type anything out.  I know I've forgotten a few things I wanted to write already.  These are the thoughts I still remember:

Thursday night was a very welcomed distraction.  I had tickets to see Josh Ritter again.  This is the second time this year.  The first time was on his pre-tour warm up tour.  He was doing a handful of dates before the new album came out to get his sea legs.  It was the first stop on the pre-tour and it was AMAZING.  This time around, the tour is officially over and he's starting up a new acoustic tour.  And again, this was the first date.  For some reason, when I saw it was an acoustic show, I assumed it was just him and his guitar.  But I was wrong.  He had two of his bandmates with him to play along.  But it was still acoustic and was superb.  There was very little overlap of songs between both shows.  Maybe four or five songs.  So that made it even better.  The opening act was Sam Amidon.  He's odd.  Very odd.  But utterly fascinating to watch on stage.  He's got a very monotone singing style.  Ken compared him, in some ways, to Andy Kaufman, which I can totally see.  I enjoyed the hell out of him.  The next day I did a little reading on him (thanks Wikipedia!) to discover that being a singer is probably the thing he's second most known for.  The first is that he's married to Beth Orton.  And he's ten or eleven years younger than she. *gasp*

I ended up being out very late (for me) on Thursday and didn't get home until about 11:40.  Since I get up before the sun, Friday was difficult because I was so tired.  I actually snapped at a co-worker who shot me with a rubber band.  I told her to cut it out and that I was in no mood for her shit today.  Me.  Non-confrontational me.  You know I was tired if I did that.

Back in April I took a promotional exam for work.  Five months later they finally posted the test scores.  Why it took five months is anyone's guess.  It's a multiple choice test where you color in the answer (A B C or D) with a pencil and they feed it through a machine to grade it.  Granted, it was a state wide test, but five months?  Whatever.  Anyway, the grades came out and I was hoping to pass with a decent score.  I got 100.  Yay me.

This weekend has actually turned out pretty well for me considering what this weekend is.  I emailed my sister earlier this week to see if she wanted to go out to lunch on Saturday.  She agreed.  Saturday is important because it's the second anniversary of Mom's passing.  I really didn't want to be alone, not saying that Ken isn't good enough, but I kind of wanted to spend a little time with my sister.  And we did.  And had a good time.  Until I made her cry in the restaurant.  All I did was toast Mom, but that was enough.  I quickly changed the subject to pizza and everything was good again.  I hate that Mom is gone.  I hate how she went.  I miss her every day.  But I don't know why this anniversary was easier.  I don't know if I just turned off that side of me for the weekend or what.  I did end up crying myself when I dropped Tina off at home and said goodbye.  It'll get easier, I know.  But it's still hard right now.

Today was amazing.  Mostly.  I got up at 5:30 this morning, which I didn't care for, to get Ken to the airport.  He is away this week and I'm not, but I'm fine with that.  He's on a head clearing solo cruise.  He wanted me to go with him, but I have a lot of time already scheduled off over the next couple of months that I couldn't really justify it.  But being home alone is a vacation for me.  I wish I didn't have to work, but I'll make due.  Today was supposed to be all about decompression, but it didn't work out like I planned.  Not to say it wasn't about decompression, though, because it was.  My thought was I was going to drop him off, go to the gym on the way home and then lay around the house the rest of the day.  It started off like that.  I did drop him off, I did go to the gym, but when I got home and was showering, I had a hankering for pancakes.  So I took myself out to breakfast.  And then ran some errands.  Then I came home and started cleaning.  Then took a walk.  Then cleaned some more.  And made dark chocolate banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Then cleaned.  Then sat down to read and passed out for about 1/2 hour.  While it wasn't the lay-around-the-house-and-do-nothing day I was hoping for, it was still very therapeutic.  I'm looking forward to a very quiet week this week.  Because I'm looking forward to it, something will happen to derail it.  Meh.

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