I really don't know where all the time is going.  It seems like more than ever that I haven't had ten minutes to just breathe, let alone do all the things I want to do.  I'm working just as much as ever, even though I vowed I was going to pull back a little bit.  Things have just been overwhelmingly busy and the only way to stay slightly less behind is to put in some extra hours.  It's not hard work, just time consuming.  And the money's good.  When I can, I go out and walk for an hour to an hour and a half.  That's usually four or five times a week.  Most nights lately, though, it's really a lot of work to find the motivation to do so.  I'm always glad I did it when I'm done, but just trying to start....  I'm weeks behind on all my tv shows.  Luckily I'm not watching too much right now, but the dvr is getting fuller and fuller.  I need a weekend with nothing going on to just chill out in front of the television.

It occurred to me today that the last five weekends I've not had any time to myself.  Ken's friend Eric was here this past weekend.  The two weekends prior I was in Texas.  The weekend before that my friends George and Steve were here and the weekend before that, friends Eric and Brett were here.  Ken's trying to plan something for this weekend and I don't know if I can take it.  I'm someone who revels in his downtime.  I haven't had downtime in so long, I don't know what I'll do with it.

I'm kind of in a pissy mood tonight.  Ken is being really loud and I'm trying to escape him, but with little luck.  My car, which was just in the shop last Thursday, is back in the shop.  Ken's been driving it all summer since his a/c doesn't work.  Today on the way to work, the check engine light popped on.  Joy.  Now it's back in the shop to be checked out.  You'd think after a $600 repair bill last week that it would be a good long time before it had to go back.  That kind of set me off in this mood.  The fact that Ken's trying to carry a conversation from upstairs with me isn't helping matters.  He's watching a really bad make-over show and really wants me to watch it with him even though it's the last thing I want to do right now.

In other news, when I was in Texas, I had Freddy teach me to make lasagna.  Tonight I made my inaugural lasagna.  I wasn't hungry, so I didn't have any, but Ken says it was a complete success.  He was "critiquing" the way I was making it (i.e. telling me I'm doing it wrong), but I was just following the way I was taught.  After eating it, he apologized and told me Freddy knew what he was doing.  Ha!

I've been having a love affair with Frank Turner this week.  I don't know why, but I've been listening to his entire catalog all week.  I think he's pretty fucking amazing.  Reminds me somewhat of Billy Bragg. 

I'm also trying to simplify my social networking life.  I cancelled my Twitter account since I haven't used it in months.  I started paring down my Facebook friends list.  Got through the list once and cut the easy ones.  Need to got though it again and see what I can do.  I'm building a list of criteria for why I'm keeping some and cutting others.  I just need to find a good block to time to go through it again.  I want to get it below 200 people.  I'm most of the way there.  I was at 340 or so.  We'll see.

I bought Mario Kart for the Wii and finally got a good chance to play it last night.  And I had a blast.  Ken, on the other hand, bitched and complained about it the whole time we were playing.  To be honest, he was starting to piss me off and take some of the fun out of it for me.  He apologized tonight for it and that made me feel better.  If you've got this game, email me and we can exchange console and licence numbers and race online.  I suck at it right now, but I plan on finding time to get better.


erik98122 said...

REALLY!?!?! You made lasagna and didn't have one damn piece?!?! What the hell is wrong with you?!?! Don't you know the fupa loves lasagna?!?!


(F)redddy said...

I will NEVER steer you wrong with cookin'!