Post #800

My 800th post.  That's a lot of posts for someone who is barely a step up from a mute.  

I'm glad this week went by as fast as it did.  Work was really stressful.  The most stressful it's ever been.  The crack head who sits next to me and her boss were at all out war all week.  The crack head doesn't think rules should apply to her and has made it perfectly clear she doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks.  Her boss has been battling with her tooth and nail over it.  She's getting no support from upper management and that's only escalating the war.  My desk is exactly half way in between both of theirs.  Things are coming to a head and I think that something might be done.  I've thought that before in the past and was proven wrong, so it might happen again.  Next week is going to be really interesting.

I discovered earlier in the week that Converse is making a line of Dr. Seuss inspired Chuck Taylors.  I fell in love.  I want them all, but they're kind of pricey, so I'm happy just to look.  Well, as a surprise, Ken ordered me a pair and they arrived today.  I think they're fantastic!  

I've spent the week resting my leg & back.  I overdid it walking last weekend and my sciatic has been sending me warning signals to slow down.  It's killed me taking a break from my daily marathon walks.  It's still a little twitchy, but I did take a quick two mile walk when I left work today and I feel okay.  If I'm feeling up for it, I'm going to start back walking on Sunday.  With all the walking I've been doing, I'm not noticing a weight loss, but I think I am redistributing my fat.  My belly has felt a little jellier than usual.  I think I've lost a little in my legs and ass and that's causing the sciatic irritation.  I keep telling myself I'm going to hook the Wii back up and get back into the exercises that helped my sciatic over the winter, but I haven't found the time.  It's not that I haven't had the time, I just haven't made the effort to set it up rather than do chores or watch tv or web surf.  I'm a lazy boy when I want to be.

I promised myself I wasn't going to spend the whole night on the computer.  I've got other things I want to (and should) do.

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Dyl said...

LOVE the shoes.

You'll make time for the Wii etc when you're ready, eh.

Hope work gets easier.