Quiet Week

It's been a quiet blogging week for me. Not intentional, but it just happened that way. Between surprise company, overtime and being generally exhausted, I just never got around to posting. And I almost just went to bed without writing tonight.

It's been a very unusual week. Everything was off. I took this week off from walking because I'm having a sciatic nerve issue in my ass. It's not incredibly painful or anything like that, but it is annoying. I was figuring that if I took a week off from all my walking, maybe it would start feeling back to normal. Not really, but it was a good idea. I'm going to go out tomorrow morning for a walk and see how it feels. I'm hoping it will be okay.

Without walking, I've been in full-blown panic mode about my weight. Well, so far, so good. I've been very, very good about what I'm eating and it's been working to my advantage. Every day this week, I've come down a little bit. This morning was a great weigh in, but Saturday's always seem to be pretty good, only to be followed up with a disastrous Sunday. I'll let you know specifics tomorrow.

Work has been a fucking joy all week. A little bit of background for the uninformed. I sit in with a unit that I'm sort of part of, but not really. My job is as a floater, so I work with a bunch of different units. Anyway, the unit I sit with is the biggest joke of a unit. One of the people in this unit is probably the worst worker I've ever known in my life. She's got a cakewalk of a job, doesn't realize how lucky she is that it's the easiest job around, and still can't handle it. She's been doing this job for over a year now and you'd think she would have the hang of it. Nope. So her boss has been coming down on her to shut up, sit down and do her job. Of course, she's not having any of that and has been throwing shit right back at her boss. This has been going on for a couple of months, but this week, the shit hit the fan. Yelling matches, going to higher bosses, storming out and not coming back, screaming "You're a liar" over cubicle walls at each other. You name it, it's happened. Everything except for punches being thrown, which almost happened. Almost. I'm very anxious for Monday to see what's going to happen once they've both had a few days to cool off.

Last night we went to see Kathy Griffin. I fucking adore her. It was a great show and I laughed my ass off.

And here's my new Batgirl action figure. Isn't she pretty?

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