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I've got a few minutes before we sit down and watch Project Runway (trying to let it run a little bit before watching so we can fast forward through both the commercials and the L'oreal Paris Smokey Eye Make Up Room scenes), so I thought I'd just jot something down here.  I really don't know what to say, though.  I have an idea for my next "real" post, but that's going to take me more than fifteen minutes to figure out what I want to say or go about it.

It's only Thursday night, but I'm exhausted.  This week has had it's way with me and it's not done yet.  Two nights ago I was so tired, I fell asleep around 8:30 (because I'm old.)  Only problem with that is my brain decided I only needed a nap, not full blown sleep, so I woke up around 11, fully awake.  I laid awake for hours until I could fall back asleep.  The last time I saw the clock was shortly before 2.  The alarm goes off around 5:30.  Shockingly, I wasn't exhausted all day, but I've more than made up for it the second half of the week.  

I've also been working my way up the resistance counter thingie on the elliptical at the gym.  For the longest time I was at 16, but found myself back peddling to 14 for a good long while.  I spent the last two weeks at 15 and started back up on level 16 again this week.  As beat as I was tonight, and as much as I wanted to set the resistance back down, I didn't.  It wiped me out, but in a really good way.  Let's hope the banana bread I just ate didn't undo everything I did earlier tonight.

Saturday night we're off to Lee, MA for dinner with Ken's mom for her birthday.  We haven't been over there in a while and it'll be nice to go out.  She's starting to make this difficult saying she doesn't know where to pick because I can't eat anything.  I've gone vegetarian and she's concerned that no restaurant will serve a non-meat dish.  Every place has one or two things that I can eat.  Trying to convince her of that is getting a little frustrating, though.  I don't think she understands that no matter where we go, unless it's a full blown vegetarian place, that there will be something.  She claims she was vegetarian for years, so she knows better.

Last weekend was much easier.  Ken and I drove down to Poughkeepsie to meet up with our friends from Danbury, CT, Brian and Kevin.  Brian has been wanting to try a new place (we usually go to the diner) called Shadows On The Hudson for their brunch buffet.  That shit was good.  I ate way too much, though the scale wasn't giving me the stink eye for it for some weird reason.  They had both breakfast and lunch items and I think my favorite thing was their mac & cheese.  I don't know if it's because it was that good or that it's been that long since I've actually had mac & cheese.  But that was amazing.

The night before we got a last minute dinner invitation from our friends Lynn and Lori to go down to their place and head out to the Santa Fe, a Mexican place we like in Kingston.  They make this killer sweet potato burrito that I get whenever it's offered.  It's a rotating special.  While it wasn't on the menu, they had the ingredients and were able to make me one.  

Tim Gunn is calling, so it's time to watch my stories.

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