This Is Only A Test

I just found out today that blogger has an iPhone app (finally.) I've searched for one in the past, but always came up finding nothing. Anyway, this is just a post testing out the app.

Last night into this morning we had our first official snowstorm of the winter. At the rate we were going, I thought we were going to miss out on snow completely. Not that I mind. Last winter was the worst winter of my adult life. As everyone I knew at work started putting in time off requests for today, I started looking around at who was actually going to be at work today. The list was pretty scary, so I put a slip in, too. When I saw how much snow had actually fallen overnight, I started feeling guilty for taking today off, but then I thought about how pleasant work would have been today with me and every single person I hate. So I spent the day doing chores (laundry, dishes, shoveling) and am now sitting down to read or nap.

I've got a small fire going, a cat in my lap and the first volume of Sandman handy. I've taken photos of these three things to see how that's going to work with the app.

Time to get on with my lounging.

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