I hurt. Specifically, my throat hurts. A lot. I left work early yesterday to go to the doctor because I was convinced I had strep again. Someone at work just had it and it's going around Ken's office, too. But it turns out it's just a nasty cold. Huzzah. Which sucks out loud because this weekend's weather is absolutely amazing. I'd much rather be outside. It didn't stop me today, though, because Ken and I took a trip to Ikea to look at furniture and accessories for our.... wait for it.... NEW HOUSE! That's right, I'm finally ready to admit we bought a new house. We saw the place a couple weeks ago and put in a bid. After a little back and forth with the sellers, we agreed on a price and signed the papers. Thursday morning was our inspection and the house came through with flying colors. Just waiting on the radon test to come back, but there's no worries that it'll test positive. With any luck, the closing on our current house and on our new house will be April 30th. There's still so much to do between now and then, it's making my head spin.

The thing I'm most excited about is my new office. One half of the basement is finished and I've got dibs on it. It's a HUGE space and it's going to be fucking awesome. No longer will half of my stuff have to be boxed up and in storage. I'm very anxious to get in and get unpacking. The next month or so is going to be very busy for me, like the last month has. I'll try to post when I can, but it might still be sparse.


Joe in Philly said...

I don't quite get the "finally ready to admit" part, like you're ashamed of it or something. ;-) But congrats!

Thom said...

CONGRATULATONS!!! :) I know how much angst and worry this has caused you and Ken over the past months, and I'm SO happy to see you moving forward! Can't wait for the video tour!



Bjorn said...

Tip for basement rooms, never put anything lower than three feet if you want to keep it forever. Had issues in my past with basements (never happens really but makes it easier to plan out space.

CONGRATS! At least someone is getting what they want.

Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

I agree with Bjorn.

I doubt where you are now will get up to three feet of flooding, but everything that is not waterproof should be a foot off the floor or in water-tight containers.

All you need is a sudden spring thaw, a week of monsoon level rain (whee... lake effect) or a burst pipe to wipe out ones valued items.

Also, stick with indoor/outdoor rugs and Kilz paint.