I like to think that I'm not a control freak. For the most part, I'm really not, though some may disagree. I'm nothing like Ken, who I think is the epitome of control freakishness. If things aren't his way, he likes to "suggest" (or nag, as I like to call it) that things be his way (because that's the only right way after all)... over and over and over. Or he'll just take it upon himself to do things. For instance, he decided that the iced tea I ordered at lunch today wasn't what I really wanted, so as the waiter was walking away, he ordered me a water as well (which sat untouched.) But that's nothing and this isn't a post about his issues.

Anyway, I like to think I don't have control issues, but I know I do. I think my biggest issue is surprises. I don't like surprises. I have no control over those situations until it's too late,.I generally don't know how to hide my reaction, though I'm told I'm not as bad as disguising it as I think I am. Surprises kind of scare me. But not always. Not when they're pleasant surprises. A friend completely surprised me when he sent me something for Christmas out of the blue. And that came at just the right moment, too, because I needed a nice boost like that at the time.

Today another pleasant surprise arrived in the mail. About two weeks ago, I read about an artist on one of my favorite music blogs. The guy's name is John Dissed and it was mentioned that he had a track on a free Spinal Tap tribute album. It also mentioned that if you sign up for his email list, he'll send you a password to download 25 cover songs he's recorded absolutely free. Now if there's anything I love more than cover songs, it's FREE cover songs. So I was all over that nonsense! Now today, two weeks after the fact, the mailman comes and leaves me a package. From John Dissed. Containing one of his EPs. Completely out of the blue. Who does this? Beyonce? I think not. How cool is that? Not only did I get the cd, but he wrote out a personal message inside the booklet. I'm just blown away by it all. It got me thinking about another artist I really, really like who reached out and has commented on my blog. Alexander Schultz. I was hoping he'd have his new album out in 2009, but he's still got me waiting. Argh!! Do you hear me, Alexander? LOL!

Check out John Dissed's website and sign up for his mailing list. It'll get you a bunch of great songs at the very least.

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