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I really wanted to stay on top of things and write a little more this week than I actually have. Time has not been on my side. I jumped right back into the swing of work and put in an extra ten hours this week. We're still trying to get the house back the way it was before the floors were done. I'm trying to get ready for Christmas. Just a lot of little things going on that are amounting to one big thing.

Ken needs to make some friends. Seriously. We've been home for one week and all he's done, literally, is plan the next cruise. Right now, as I write this, he has three cruises booked, all for the same week next year. Three. All I've heard out of his mouth since getting home is "cruise this" and "cruise that." I don't know how many ways I can say "I don't give a flying rat's ass about which ship or which ports of call or which route. Just book a fucking cruise that makes you happy." Tonight at dinner he went over all the pros and cons of each of the three cruises he has booked right now. Again. I really did enjoy the cruise, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the next one, too. But I really don't care where it goes to or what the ship looks like or any of that nonsense. As long as it's got an available deck chair up on a quiet deck for me to lay out and read, I'm happy. That's all I require.

Like I lamented in my previous post, I've lost all of December. It's a week until Christmas, I'm not finished shopping and I'm filled with dread at the thought of running out to pick up those last few items I need. I'm usually done by about the first week of the month at the latest. My Christmas cards are usually in the mail by the same time. I'm hoping to get around to them sometime this weekend if I can find a little time. Tomorrow Ken wants me to go with him to meet with another builder. I'm not sure what else we have going on, but I need to fit some errands in this weekend somewhere. I know it's going to be insanely busy out there and the thought of sitting in traffic for an hour to go three miles isn't bringing a smile to my face.

I'm getting more and more obsessed with the Gowalla app for my iPhone.

I've been thinking a lot since vacation about joining a gym. I've always been gym-phobic. I'm not sure why, I just am. Maybe because I don't know how a gym works or what to do once I'm there? Unknown freaks me out. But I felt so good spending as much time as I did walking the treadmill on the ship. With the weather as cold and nasty as it is now, there's zero chance for me to get outside and walk like I do in the nicer months. I'm sure all the shit I've been eating at work this week has push the gym thought to the front of my brain. There's a gym relatively close to my house that seems pretty big. I don't know how busy it gets, though. I believe my friend Mark goes to that one. I need to ask him for details.

I'm about to head to bed. Today was unexpectedly draining. It shouldn't have been. It's Friday after all. But quitting time really didn't make too much of an effort to arrive today. Bastard!

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