166 Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol 1

Reading this book was a labor of love.  I have such a fondness in my heart for these early stories of the Legion.  Sure, they're hokey and cheesy, but they're just a pure, innocent joy.

This massive book collects what I believe were the stories in the first three Legion Archives books.  I have those books and now I have this, too, and it was so much fun re-reading them for the first time in years.

I did look at this with a different, maybe more critical eye.  The issue to issue continuity is just plain weird to me.  What I'm talking about is this.  In one issue, we have a new member join.  Let's say it's Lightning Lass.  Then she doesn't appear again for a few issues.  Same with Element Lad.  You'd think that upon introduction, you'd get to see more of the new characters, but that's not how it worked back then.  I don't know if a bunch of stories were commissioned and then published in a random order or what.

There really isn't a ton I can say about these stories that hasn't been said before.  But these are highly enjoyable stories.

Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol 1
Writer: Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel, Edmond Hamilton, Robert Bernstein
Artist: George Papp, Jim Mooney, Curt Swan, John Forte, Sheldon Moldoff, George Klein
DC Comics

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