059 Power Man And Iron Fist Vol 2: Civil War II

Marvel is giving me Special Event Fatigue and I don't even read as many Marvel titles as I used to.  Luckily most of the series I do read take place on the peripheral of the main crossover heavy universe.  This book is part of the awful Civil War II event.  While it isn't directly involved in the mail crossover, this story is a Civil War II tie in.  You don't need to read the crossover to figure out what's going on here.  Basically, I guess, there's a new Inhuman who accurately sees what's going to happen in the future and Captain Marvel is going around arresting people before they can commit the crimes.  Or some such bullshit.  I really fucking hate this.  I hate how they've neutered Carol Danvers.

Anyway, enough of that.  Here Luke and Danny get hired by some former (and current) felons who need protection.  Someone is going around and beating and arresting former felons and throwing them in jail unjustly.  There's this recognition software that's finding these guys, falsifying criminal records to justify putting them in jail.  Luke and Danny get involved, Danny gets arrested and Luke considers how to get him out of jail.  That's where Captain Marvel and her posse of douche bags come in.  They want to arrest Luke for something he hasn't done and in the process manage to destroy the prison Danny and the unjustly arrested are jailed.  It's a fucking mess.  But an enjoyable story.  I really like this version of Power Man and Iron Fist.  Like most of the other Marvel books I read, it's not heavy.  It's fun and it makes me smile to read it, even when the shitty part of the Marvel Universe (and isn't most of the Marvel Universe pretty shitty these days?) crosses over.

Power Man And Iron Fist Vol 2: Civil War II
Writer: David E Walker
Artist: Flaviano, Sanford Greene, Scott Hepburn
Marvel Comics

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