I'll admit that this was going to be another "boo hoo hoo I miss my Mom" post, but that's not really where my head is right now.  And it's a welcome relief.  I've been spending too much time focused on that and only that and it's exhausting.

Part of the reason my head isn't there is I had a happy distraction this weekend.  My good friends George and Steve came up from NYC for the weekend.  They were having their apartment painted and needed to vacate the premises and we've got plenty of room.  It's been a while since we've had any good one on one time with them.  They were here for our wedding in June (but we had a houseful of people) and last month we saw them briefly (as in for five minutes) in Woodstock.  The Woodstock story was kind of funny, actually.  To me at least.  Ken and I headed down (it's just under an hour south of where we live) for the afternoon.  Ken had a banner made up for my Dad.  He sets up a table of his handmade toys at the Woodstock Flea Market every weekend.  Ken decided he needed a banner and had one made.  So we brought it down to him, spent a little time at his table and then wandered away for lunch.  We were going to go to a place called Oriole 9, which has fantastic food, but sometimes it's not very cool in there.  And this was a hot Saturday, so we skipped the place.  Instead, we went to Joshua's, a restaurant about six doors down.  While there, I checked in via Facebook.  About five minutes after I did that, I got a text message from Steve saying that they were in Woodstock and they were at Oriole 9.  I nearly crapped my pants.  We stopped in when we finished lunch to say "hi."  They were in town visiting some of their friends from the city who have a weekend home in the area.  Too funny.

But we had house guests and it was great.  And since it's a three day weekend, I got my day of beauty today.  I didn't do much of anything.  I got my grocery shopping done right after George & Steve left yesterday.  Today was all about lounging.  Except for my trip to the gym.  I ate like the old, fat Walt over the weekend and the scale agreed.  Friday morning I was 188.8 lbs.  This morning I was 165.1 lbs.  I managed to bring it down to 193.5 after the gym, though.  I was very happy with that, but then I fucked it all up again tonight.  We went out for Mexican when we should have just stayed in (where I can control my eating habits.)  My Kryptonite is the tortilla chip basket(s).  Twice this weekend I ate my weight in chips.  Ken hasn't been to the gym in three or four days and I think he had no intention of going tonight, but I kept gently prodding him into it.  I went with him just to walk off a mouthful or two of guac.  I'm dreading what kind of profanity the scale has learning when I step on it tomorrow.

I've got great friends.  That's all I need to say.

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