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I'm feeling pretty bloated right now. I do this to myself all the time. I'll eat dinner, but before it can settle in my stomach, I decide I'm still hungry and get a snack or more of whatever I just ate. And then the food settles, I feel enormous and pissed off at myself. I only had a sweet potato for dinner tonight. I wasn't feeling too hungry and that was more than enough to fill me up. Or so I thought. So I fixed a bowl of yogurt and granola. And now it's all settled and I feel gross and I feel annoyed with myself.

Yesterday marked a sort of milestone for me. I've been both meat and candy free for the last three weeks. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to reduce the amount of meat in my diet. As much as I love meat, it bothers me when I think about where the meat comes from. I think about my cats and how in some cultures it's appropriate to slaughter them and eat them. It just freaks me out and makes me sad when I think about stuff like that. So three weeks ago I decided to cut back on my meat consumption. I didn't intend on going cold turkey, but that's how it's turned out. I'm going to try to make it an entire month. It's been pretty easy so far to do this. Mostly. The only problems I've run into are when I'm dining out. I guess I never realized exactly how much of a typical restaurant menu is meat based. I've found one or two things on each menu to eat, though, and I've been pretty happy with what I've gotten (except you, Wolf's 111. Please try to have some portabella on your portabella sandwich, m'kay?)

I stopped eating candy the day I stopped eating meat. That has been a bigger battle for me, truthfully. I love candy. I find I eat it constantly at work. But it's so bad for me and it's especially bad for my weight. Since I haven't been able to get to the gym as much, I'm really trying to make an effort to keep my eating in check. If I'm going to overeat, at least I'm overeating something that isn't nearly as bad for me as a bag of M&Ms. I find I'm thinking about candy all the time. But, I haven't faltered. I have a bunch of candy in my desk at work and I haven't touched one piece of it. I am chewing sugar-free gum, though, but I'm not counting that as eating candy. It's been my saving grace. Whenever the urge hits me to eat some chocolate, I pop a stuck of gum in my mouth and the urge passes.

So that's my dietary news. I'm really proud of myself for the last three weeks. I never thought I could do it. I just have to get through the weekend and I've made it four weeks. And then the pressure is off. Or is it? I find that I get very competitive with myself. When I stopped drinking soda, I just wanted to do it for a week. And that week turned into a month. And that month turned into 100 days. And that turned into six months. I didn't want to break my streak. It's been over four years since I last had a soda and I no longer miss it. I no longer dream about drinking soda. I no longer crave it. And I feel so much better physically since I ditched it. I'm thinking the same is going to happen with meat. I already feel great. I don't know if it's directly related or if it's all in my head, but I really do feel good.

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