Like I mentioned yesterday, we got hit with the big snow storm that worked it's way up the east coast this weekend. It flurried on and off all day yesterday, but the real snow didn't start until overnight last night. I got up at 5:20 this morning to find nearly a foot of snow in my driveway. I debated what to do and decided to go out and shovel and then see how I felt. I think if I had to shovel any more than I did, my sciatic nerve would be screaming bloody murder right now. When I finished, it was burning just slightly and kept it up all day today.

I don't know why I went into work today. I really don't. Ninety percent of the office was out with only the usual suspects showing up. The ones that should have taken the day off. My street was plowed and easy to travel this morning, so I figured the rest of the roads would be the same. But I was wrong. The main road I travel was horrible. I should have just turned around there and gone back to bed, but I didn't.

The best part about days like these is the office is deathly quiet. That usually means time drags, but not today. It was over and done with before I realized it.

I've been putzing around on the computer since I got home and it's time I got offline. Ken turned his game (WoW) off and I suppose I should go spend some time with him (even though he called me about 23 times today. Even for him that's beyond excessive.)

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